Karina Akmens Pro WBFF

Can you tell muscletricks.com readers a little about yourself- how and why you got into the sport etc?
I am Karina Akmens, Fitness Model and Figure Competitor. I must say I am a new finding to this industry, as only approximately 1.5 years ago I decided that I want to compete. I have been active all my life, in childhood was involved in sports such as aerobics, and after that performed as a dancer most of my life. But it took me a few seconds to fall in love with the weights. Bodybuilding and Fitness is definitely the passion of my life, it makes me feel alive. Since the first time I did a heavy squat, I was hooked, i realised there was no going back for me.
At this time , I have finished my first season. I am very pleased with the results as I can clearly see that my body has transformed totally. The best part of competing  is to be in total control of myself, I guess; therefore, before getting on the stage I was a winner already. It is about winning yourself, about becoming better, stronger, wiser every day, and all of these things come through hard work. This season I participated in 2012 NAC Latvia Open and placed 1st in Figure and in another commercial contest, which brought me silver in the Fitness category.
As I have been a model long before I got involved in Fitness, I still participate in a lot of photoshoots, but it has only got better- now I am only participating as a Fitness Model, which I truly enjoy. It is just something I love to do- create art, work with fresh ideas. And I really enjoy communicating with the people that are involved either in sports or photography, they are just happier and calmer for a simple reason- they are doing what they love.

What do you do for a living and what occupation would you choose if you could do anything you wanted?
I am actually a translator/ interpreter, but I can’t say that I am too interested in this field anymore. Ever since fitness and bodybuilding has taken over my life, it is the only thing I want to do for a living. I would and I am choosing a career as a Fitness model, and as my career has just started, I really see it happening in the future. I may also train people some day as I am just a book-worm and reading various theories, then implementing them into life is something I just do; therefore, it would be interesting to work with clients. I really like to look at before/ after pictures, there is just something magical about the fact, that a person can change his/her body. That you actually are in control of this! Isn’t it amazing? So, being a part of this change would mean a lot to me.
Moreover, I will definitely be competing in the future, my next big plan is WBFF, Figure this October. As I don’t need to add muscle mass, I think I will be ready just in time. Anyhow, I love being on the stage, as I said after my first competition- I was born to do this.

What’s been the happiest day of your life?
Frankly speaking, I have had a bunch of them. I really try to be one of those happy people, and I actually am. So sometimes I would just wake up and decide that this is going to be the happiest day of my life for no particular reason. And it is!

What’s been the most stressful day in your life so far and why?
1 day out of a competition is a very stressful day to me. I get all nervous, thinking if maybe I should change something in my free routine, try to practise posing, just can’t stop thinking. But when I wake up on the day on competition, I am calm and peaceful and just enjoy every single minute of the day.


What did you want to be as a young girl?
I was sure I would be on the stage, either dancing or singing. I didn’t think I would be flexing on the stage though.

What kind of reaction do you get from others when they see your physique, is it all positive?
I always get a strong reaction, people can’t pass me by without stopping. It is either highly positive or very negative, only in rear occasions people would tell me I look nice- they either admire my body or seriously dislike it. At first, it would make me sad, now I see it a positive thing- I only fear being average, as Arnold said. Strong reaction is good- these emotions make me feel alive.

What’s a typical training breakdown, training split?
I workout 5-6 days a week, my sessions are quite long, but now that I have started preparing for my next season, I will change it a little bit- want to make my sessions more explosive and shorter. Regarding cardio- the closer the competition day comes, the more I do it. I like to start my day with running 3-4 miles.

Typical split:
Monday: back/biceps
Tuesday: quads/ calves
Wednesday: chest/ triceps
Thursday: day off
Friday: glutes/ hamstring
Saturday: delts/ abs

Since meeting Juris has he helped you with tips or the other way around, how did you meet?
Juris is the greatest motivation and inspiration to me. He does help me with some tips, because I like to experiment with myself and try new diet approaches all the time. He just tries to remind me that I have got to keep it healthy all the time. We met on facebook!

What’s your favourite bodypart to train and why?
Either legs or back! Because I can go really heavy on these muscle groups and I just love to train like that. When I started lifting, I would squat even three times a week, just because I love to do it. Now that I am more interested in results than the process, I stick to my split and just wait for my leg day.

What’s your best bodypart, what’s your worst and why?
I love my delts, because I have really invested hard work into building them- when I started, there wasn’t even a sign of delts, now they are round and pretty. I also like my legs, simply because I am obsessed with big quads.
My worst bodypart would be biceps probably, I need to add some mass to, so that everything is proportional on my body. I have actually corrected a lot of mistakes and I am satisfied with my proportions for the time being.

What’s the secret to being in great shape for a woman?
Abs are made in the kitchen! Diet and persistency is the key. And weights, of course! Many women fear weightlifting as they think it will make them bulky. Well, we all know it is just a myth. Weightlifting is a must for every girl that wants to have a tight bum and overall fit look.

The last time you were on stage you feared who as a competitor and why?
Frankly speaking, I don’t fear anyone. I don’t see it as a competition, but more like a show. Bodybuilding competitions are very peculiar- what you do on the stage is only 10%. You have got to work all year, so that on the stage you have no fear and worries, and you can just enjoy it. So, to my point of view, being nervous on the stage is useless- if you can’t change it, then why even think about it?

Are you the best you can be?
I am getting there. Becoming better every day, which is my main goal.

What’s next?
New season- new challenges. And USA- here I come! I am soon moving to USA, to really start my career, now I have just warmed up, so ready to start working for real.

Is there anyone you would like to mention or give a thanks to?
My Dad, which is also going to be my manager in the United Stated,- William P. Stine, and of course mom. They both have been supporting me and not letting me doubt myself even for a second.