Kay Goodwin

I had travelled a short distance to meet and interview Nana Manu Pro bodybuilder in his gym. Upon arriving i got chatting to few of the lads in the gym and this is where i first met one of the Goodwin family members. Lewis Goodwin, a very polite 14 year old at the time clearly very passionate about making gains and stepping onstage. When i began my interview with Nana i asked more about the young lad and heres what Nana said, " man you gotta meet the whole family train the mum, dad and grandad he comes in with a real look on his face like dont mess with me for an older man you can see he has a lot of respect round here ( Nana laughs very load, the gym goes quiet for a few seconds) no man really hes a good guy the whole family are great you should meet Kay shes gonna do really well."

Fast forward to the present day and i finally got to speak to Kay and with an interview with Lewis in the pipeline muscletricks.com looks forward to meeting and supporting the whole family one day.


Hi Kay and thanks for taking time out to speak to muscletricks.com first of all can you tell us a little something about yourself and what made you start working out and competing?

I am a 35yr old mother to our son Lewis and have been happily married for over 12yrs to Stephen and have been together since high school!!
I am extremely lucky to have a fabulous family network around me in my parents, parent in laws,brother and his 6yr old twins Jacob and Ella who think they have a very glamourous auntie who dances and shakes her bum!!! I know my mum worries sometimes, but knows how much i love doing this and she is so proud on show day, and i love putting the tears of pride in both my mum, dad and husbands eyes, it's so worth it!!! I work full time, my day job is in a bank 4 days per week and i also help my sponsor muscle force supplements 1 day per week with accounts, orders etc.   like spending time with family when not dieting such as meals out, cinema and socialising with friends for a good catch up, and enjoy reading, shopping, holidays and more shopping!!! ( editors note, like most ladies then Kay...shopping!)

Favourite food when not dieting my mums cheesecake and chocolate cake. chinese, nando's, fruit , nuts, peanut butter!!

Favourite part of dieting, seeing my body change daily and having the structure with food, show day!!! having the focus/excitement of the event, every day is 1 day closer and every session makes a difference!!

Least favourite part of dieting, missing out sometimes on special occasions, catching up with friends, not being able to eat something sometimes which you just fancy it.

Off season diet i tend to still keep the structure mon - fri with my food but have more carbs with my protein to when im on my diet, plus i have lots of fruit as i dont have any when dieting and then chill weekends, however if i do fancy anything i have it because before you know it the diet is here again!! Bodybuilding is quite a lonely sport sometimes even with massive support from family and friends, it can and does play games with your mind, however i now focus on my own game and i know when i am on stage i am up there looking how i want to look and feel great knowing i have done everything i can to achieve that. off season i tend to still keep the structure mon - fri with my food but have more carbs with my protein to when im on my diet, plus i have lots of fruit as i dont have any when dieting and then chill weekends, however if i do fancy anything i have it because before you know it the diet is here again!!

You are a family of bodybuilders now and Lewis is really coming into his own also on stage. Do you work out together, and what other members of your family compete?

We have always been a very sporty family with my husband being an ex professional rugby league player in his youth, however i was into the aerobic side more especially running and have run for charity in many races, such as the Manchester run and great north run, however after hurting my knee had to give this up.
I had never picked a weight up and was sick of being at home while my husband and son were at the gym, so decided if you cant beat them join them and decided to go down and see what all the fuss of bodybuilding was about!!
We also went to see our good friend Shane Copley in Mr Universe and when i saw all the ladies glammed up looking fab with their physiques, it got me thinking could i really do that??
im not a very confident person and didnt think i would have the guts, but was secretly thinking i COULD do this!!
after speaking with my husband who supports me every single day and tells me "its not an option" if im tired and need a kick up the bum!!! family and friend Rachel Grice, it was decided, with some hard work, training and a good diet i could be on stage the following oct for Miss UK 2010.

 As a family we all work out together, although i must admit i generally train by myself, with friends or our lewis, i cannot train with the hubby!!! ha ha, everyone at bodyworks gym, featherstone where we train think it great and funny, family day out for the goodwins!!! My husband competed in May 2010 at batley for the northeast in the first timers achieving a fantastic 5th place. then it was my father in laws turn the following year taking the stage in the over 50's, now my son has taken the reins for the male goodwins and at 16 has just achieved 2nd place at the nabba englands and 3rd at the nabba UK show. i am extremely proud of the dedication and drive he has and have been honoured to share the stage with him on both occasions, funnily enough also receiving the same placing. its on the cards for our 1st win in 2013, we just got started!!!

Your competitive career has only just begun what do you have planned for next year?

Going back to when i first competed in nabba uk in 2010, my aim was to look good enough to stand at the side of the girls on stage and not look out of place and actually have the confidence in myself to get through. with all my family and friends to support me i achieved my dream and placed an outstanding 5th!! i was over the moon, that was it then i was hooked and was determined to achieve more in 2011. 2011 turned out to be a fab year for me, i wasn't lucky enough to qualify for the britain finals narrowly missing out by getting 4th place at the northeast but with my determination and will i placed 2nd at the englands to qualify for Miss Universe!!! couldnt believe it i was buzzing little old me was gonna be on the Universe stage, the day was magic and i was in awe at the bodies and physiques on display, i held my own and achieved 7th place just missing out on the top 6, but i loved and enjoyed every minute and will never forget the feeling walking out on stage with the best in the world!!! my dad bless him finished a 12hr shift at 6am and drove straight to southport to me. the following week i then placed 3rd at the UK qualifying for the britain finals this year!!! i coudn't believe how far i had come within 12 months!!!

My most memorable shows are my 1st one for getting through it, achieving 3rd at nabba uk in 2011 qualifying for the brits, the brits getting 6th and the best feeling ever achieving 5th place at the universe and hearing my name to leave the stage!! fab!!! dream come true!!!

2012 a big year for Kay Goodwin?

2012 has also been another fantastic year for me achieving top 6 at the brits, 2nd in england, 3rd in the UK, and not forgetting my dream of hearing my name being called out on the Universe stage by receiving 5th place!!!
It is now off season for me and busy sculpting my booty and shoulders for the Britain Finals in May 2013, which will be my next appearance on stage!!!


I was lucky enough to be given a lady to get in touch with who offers made to measure fantastic bikini's, tracey abbott at fitforubikini's, what an angel she has turned out to be!! she is able to use her magic and imagination to create me the most fab bikini's i could have dreamed of!!! after qualifying for the brits tracey who has turned into a dear and supportive friend then offered me sponsorship to design a bikin to wear for the britain finals!! i was in heaven and honoured she had chosen my body to use to display her masterpiece and be a face of one of her girls!!! after qualifying for the universe the sponsorship was then extended!! wow couldnt believe it!!

I am very lucky to have been chosen by both my sponsors and am grateful for everything i receive and am honoured to be part of their teams, plus i now count as very good dear friends and would like to thank this crazy world of bodybuilding for meeting so many people who turned into genuine friends from my sponsors to people on stage, not just in my class but in all men and womens, truly feel blessed to be in such company , they know who they are!!!

What does a typical day look like for you Kay, nutrition, work, training etc?

A typical day for me is up at 04.30-04.45 for cardio, breakfast, work till 4, 4.30 gym with the family, 6pm prepare food for the evening and the following day, boring housework stuff, eat try n chill sitting down 9ish trying not to fall asleep then up again and at it the following day. the days are long and hard, some days harder than others but i wouldnt have it any other way. i love what i do and this sport has made me a much stronger and more confident person in myself and a better person because of it. i have surprised myself in my strong will and desire in what i have achieved and am secretly proud of myself when i do get the chance to sit down and think what i have achieved!!!


i am so excited for 2013 and the britain finals and am busy working and enjoying food at the moment and resculpting/shaping the areas for improvements and cannot wait to hit the stage in may with a new look and strut my stuff with the best british girls out there!!!
plus my son lewis will be competing again, dont know how i get on stage with jelly legs after seeing him up there but again i surprise myself and when i go backstage its time put all my hard work together and do my thing!!!!

Look out for future interviews with Kay and her son Lewis on muscletricks.com

Kays update of the 2013 spring show season,
After speaking at the end of last year my main goal off season was to work and improve on my glutes and shoulders. My dream to win my own show was my drive and achieving top 6 at the Brits. Also receiving an invite for the World Championship's in Italy gave me the extra boost to keep pushing for my dreams.
Off season i upped my clean carbs, reduced cardio and concentrated training on the two area's training these heavier whilst i had the added food in to get those sets out. I then switched training to higher reps and resistance training especially on glutes area when my diet started.
The season started on the 11th May with my 1st appearance on stage at Batley for
Miss North East, i love this show and Paul Jeffries certainly knows how to put on a show. To my delight i placed 1st and couldnt have been more happier,
My friend Becki Williamson also placing 1st in Miss Trained figure was fantastic has we have become great friends throughout the off season, training and sharing our journey's together for this year. So we were head to head Toned and Trained for the overall Miss Yorkshire, to our delight we placed 1st and 2nd, Becki winning and me a close 2nd!! The whole day was a dream and one i will never forget!!!
Head was down then ready for the Britain finals 2 weeks later. 28 stunning outstanding girls on display on the day. I placed 7th on the day missing out on the top 6 by 1 point!!  I won't lie we were all hugely dissapointed, i had worked so hard for this day and was gutted when they didnt shout my name at the results show, but this is Bodybuilding and you never know what to expect, you have to accept the results, get your head down and move on which is exactly what i did ready to hit the world stage 2 weeks later.
The messages of support i received after the Britains results was overwhelming and i will never forget the positiveness, boost and kick up the ass my family and friends provided. Everyone works so hard to get on that stage and we all sacrifice numerous things in everyday life for that one special day throughout our prep and thats what make's us all unique and be able to understand the feelings we go through.
 To our utter amazement i placed 2nd in the World in an outstanding class of 22 girls from around the World. The feeling of pride i felt on that night not just for me but for my family was unbelievable and we were all so happy!!!
On my return my house was decorated with banners and balloons of congratulations by my brother, mum in law and 82yr old gran!!  ha ha, This is not a sport for that one person stood on stage, if your lucky enough to have a family and friend support network around you like i have then its a team effort and everyones feelings everday life is affected. My result was a massive team effort with my husband and son and i was proud to give them the result we were all dreaming of.
To thank everybody i would literally be here all day has the support and wishes to do well has been overwhelming by everyone. I would like to say special thanks to my husband and son who live the prep minute by minute, day by day and give me the boost i need when its needed, don't know what i would do without them.
Special thanks to my mum who is there at every show whether its Batley, Southport or Italy, helping me with the finishing touches and getting me ready for the stage, she's a dab hand at spray tans now, bless her!!!  lol
Becki and Gary Lister who have become geunine true friends, Mozz and Andrea Felstead as always, Shane Copley, Julia Ann Abell, Paul Jeffries, also all the people from my last interview aswell, the list is endless!!
Tracey and Gary at Fitforubikini's who is my sponsor but also more importantly truly great geunine friends which you need in this sport. A special thankyou to Tracey for my amazing bikini's helping me shine and sparkle on stage.
Simon and Stacey at Muscleforce Supplements also my sponsor providing me with 1st class supplements enabling me to train and prepare for a show with great supplements and protein to keep my body going.
Finally a special thankyou to you John for taking time out to help and promote this little old gal who is now 2nd in the World!!!  Yee Haa, from a small village in Yorkshire!!!
Dreams are there to be achieved, with drive, determination and a will to succeed!!!  If i can do it, anyone can do it!!!  believe in yourself, its taken a while for me to get there but i'm there and Mrs G is not done yet!!!!