BCAA review from activlab

 "BCAA's" Activlab UK AMINO COMPLEX "Chewable tablets".
 If not known already know the benefits scientifically of BCAA's and now Im going to review and give personal experience on the product "AMINO COMPLEX".
These come in chewable tablet form and actually I quite like the taste of them "KInda sherbety" and easy to get down...
Now we don't take this stuff for the taste though do we so onto what it can do and what I felt from taking it.
The main benefits was more energy, better pump in the gym, faster recovery and more strength ;)
Now I was lucky enough for Activlabs to upgrade my initial order of 300 tablets to 800 and this gave me chance to experiment with the dosages and find out if this product really can live up to its name "Ill tell you now it does".
Now Ive done alot of research on BCAA's over the years and know its nearly impossible or shall I say It would be very hard to overdose on the stuff..Remember if you have read part one that they absorbed in the muscle not the liver so there are no issues there either.
With this knowlage My dosages have been a lot higher than what is recommended and I CANT RECOMMEND PEOPLE TO FOLLOW THIS PROTOCOL but I can just say this is what Ive done and leave the rest for you to decide.
For instance today I woke up at 5am and took 4 tablets strait away along with my multi vit, vit B5 and Activelabs L-Carnatine and green tea tablet then I headed strait down to the gym and took another 4 tablets before training.
I carb back loaded the night before so my muscles were full of glycogen for my fasted workout... "I find I can keep body fat low by using this protocol".
"I also drink my masterdrink 100% aminos intra work out" so although I am fasted my body is not in a catabolic state.
This morning it was chest and biceps...After chest was done I took another 4 tablets before hitting Biceps then after my shake and masterbar 20 mins later I took another 4 tablets and 20 mins later had my breakfast "7 whole eggs".
This brings me up until now, Shortly I will have another 4 tablets before pre diner SS cardio and another 4 between diner and tea and another 4 between tea and supper.
By doing this I find The time I am sore is GREATLY reduced and I will be ready to hit back in the morning....
The AMINO COMPLEX is not just BCAA's it also has a few other tricks up its sleeves... 1 ; It also contains L_Glutamine and this is a great amino acid to help recovery and muscle repair "I believe this is also prescribed on the NHS in some cases as it works so well".
The other interesting ingredients are L-Glycine, L-Arginine and L-Alanine and these I feel to help me achieve a great pump whilst training.
This is not to forget that One of the ingredients in the Activlab masterdink 100% amino's is Niacin and this also helps with the pump factor, in fact back in the day we used to use high does of this pre comp to get that vascular look on stage.

So in conclusion I give this product a staggering 10/10 for effectiveness and I put my name to it any day of the week.
To sum up the key benefits I noticed was, More energy, faster recovery, better pump and stronger been able to train harder and longer all resulting in lean muscle mass, And lets not forget it increases protein synthases also ;)

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