Rich Piana









Name: Rich Piana
Nickname: Mr. California
Residence: Northridge, California, USA
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
Contest Weight: 250 - 260 lbs. (113 kg - 118 kg)
Off-Season Weight: 280 - 290 lbs. (127 kg - 132 kg)

Mr. California Rich Piana, an actor from Northridge, California, who has appeared in several TV commercials and movies, such as has signed with MUTANT. This 290 lb SUPERMUTANT has been training since he was 11 years old. His most recent bodybuilding competition was the 2011 NPC National Championships.


Rich is often ridiculed due to his appearance and synthol use, the man looks amazing in our minds. We feel that the recent bad press he has got is not deserved at all. Rich has admitted to injecting synthol into his arms. Despite this he is not a fan of the injections and states that the bloat look that the product creates is not something he wants to promote with his physique.













With regular appearances on TV in ads etc in the US Rich gets a hell of a lot of press in a positive way as well as the abuse the man suffers.



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Rich simply does not follow the crowd and trains far more than most bodybuilders following the principle that he stimulates the muscle pumping the nutrients through the muscle to enhance the growth. Rich is also not a big fan of using big weights he prefers to use a weight that he can handle for higher than what is considered the norm from most guys.